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SHANDONG TADA AUTO PARKING CO.,LTD was established in 2001, registered capital is 30 million USD, one of the biggest china company of mechanical parking system, National high technology Enterprise.

Tada was established by two Chinese steel giants company, Shan Steel Group and Shagang Steel Group, specialized in the research and development, designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of mechanical parking equipment.

Tada is the first enterprise that gets manufacturing qualification license from AQSIQ in the parking industry of China. Our main products have more than 100 models, including Automated Parking System, Stack Parking System, Rotary Carousel Parking System, Puzzle Parking System, etc. And each parking system has been built example projects. Our company has obvious advantages in terms of the scale of production, processing conditions, raw materials etc.

Tada has the world's leading smart parking technology and has a number of the world's top experts. Under a huge investment, one research and development center had been set up by Tada for the research of Robot Parking System in Switzerland European. Currently, Tada owns independent intellectual property rights more than 30 items, It is in advance of the industry area of mechanical parking system from its setup.

The comb type robot parking technology, which is the leading technology of full-automatic parking in the world market.

The Automated car parking " Carriage " is the min thinnest and the max safest comb car carrying robot. Its main advantage is that the center of gravity is low, can be automatically proofreading the position, with the best performance, in terms of running speed and space saving are in a leading level.

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Along with China’s economic development and rapid urbanization, the growing number of cars in congested cities and limited urban space, creates a serious issue. Parking space shortage has become a challenge for city management, affecting its competitiveness and sustainable development.

Focused, Professional, Growing, Win-Win. Tada Auto Parking Corporation, based in Shandong, has specialized in R&D, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic parking system for nearly 20 years. Tada is providing clients with the best suitable Smart Parking Solution.

“Passion for Quality, Seeking Excellence”. As a leader in the Smart Parking industry, Tada Competence Center in Switzerland, gathering top experts, combine advanced technology with advanced manufacturing. Building industry standard, leading the trend, Tada keeps investing in the further development of Big Data and Networking of Smart Parking System.

Automated car parking Robot is the core technology of Tada Smart Parking System, very stable and reliable. Cars are lifted and carried to the parking area from entrance and back to exit in a very fast and efficient way. There are more than 1’000 fully automated smart parking systems operating day and night in China, in Europe, US and many other countries.

We pay great attention to every detail, to the quality of our products and services, with respect and care. Rigorous and accurate, with the “spirit of the craftsman”, we build up the outstanding quality of Tada Smart Parking System.

Based on a rich experience and deep understanding of customer needs, rely on a wide range of products, we provide professional and efficient total solution to fulfill the different expectations of our clients for full-automatic or semi-automatic system. With our highly trained and experienced local teams, Tada provides regular, meticulous maintenance to ensure the smooth running of Tada Smart Parking System daily operation.

(PPY Slide Elevator Parking System, PXD Trans Elevator Parking System, PCS Vertical Lifting Parking System, PSH Puzzle Parking System, PCX Rotary Parking System, PJS Parking lift System, PQS Car Elevator System)

Our 7-day, 24-hour stand-by service, provides coverage for pre-sale, sale, after-sale in all regions. In China, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, North America, Europe, we always make unremitting efforts, live up to your trust.

We continue to explore innovative solutions for urban sustainable development, integrate Smart Parking into Smart City, link up with the city’s big data system, provide smart traffic solution, and let your travel being safe, efficient, convenient, and environment-friendly.


Professional:Leading technology. Specialty is our advantage, the specialty is we are different. We continue to create excellent parking solutions to meet the increasing needs of users, to meet every challenge.

Absorbed:Is the concentrate. We focus on improving the user experience, we carefully consider the details. We concentrate, concentrate on their time, energy and wisdom to the user like product experience.

Growing:Is the upward force. Growth is the creation of the value of common growth, growth is not afraid of setbacks passion. We grow up with our customers and grow up with our employees to be the responsible person.

Win-Win:Is the Cooperative sharing. Have the whole world in view of win-win cooperation. We see the world as a stage of cooperation rather than the arena, and customer win-win concentric have the whole world in view.


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SHANDONG TADA AUTO PARKING CO., LTD has been fulfilling obligations to society, as a good corporate citizen as the foundation of the Chinese, first-class talents, first-class equipment, first-class management, production class products, to create the world's first-class production base in the parking industry. Committed to creating a higher capital value for shareholders and customers to create a better smart parking experience.

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