What is mechanical parking system?

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Mechanical parking systems utilize electrical and hydraulic equipment to raise a platform (containing a vehicle) to a height above the grade surface area, thereby allowing another vehicle to park beneath it.

what is mechanical parking system

A mechanical parking system uses simple electrical controls to operate the platform. Operators or trained patrons may operate the controls.

Mechanical parking system twice the cars in the same space utilized for conventional parking or use half the space for the same number of cars.

Most Mechanical Parking Systems will lower a vehicle within 20 seconds.However depending on type of system, technology and configuration this number could vary when several people arrive at the same time requesting vehicles from the same area of the garage.

The cost per space of a Mechanical Parking System depends on three factors:

1.The layout of the project; 2.The total number of parking spaces needed; 3.The required throughput of the system.

These three variables are of equal importance in the equation for project estimate calculations and can result in prices ranging from $3,000 USD per space to over $10,000 USD per space.

mechanical parking system