What is robotic parking system?

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The robotic parking system uses computer-controlled robots and shuttles to transport vehicles from an arrival area to a remote compartment for storage without human assistance.It is full-automated parking system.

what is robotic parking system

Most Robotic parking Systems would require in addition to the actual storage volume, a Control Room, Lobby/Waiting Room, Electrical Room, Pump Room, Generator Room and Storage/Maintenance Room for spare parts are needed. The size of these rooms will change based on manufacture.

Most Robotic Parking System can be stand-alone, below a building or above a building as long as there is clear access and staging to the drop-off and pickup bays.

It can be used in both a steel or concrete structure.

Safety and security are unsurpassed compared to any other parking scheme.

In North America one of the biggest obstacles with Legacy Rack & Rail systems is fire access. This one item has limited the growth of Robotic Parking Systems in North America over the last decade.

robotic parking system